Beta Firmware

Firmware 18.0.6 Beta 1
Download beta
  • Download the Beta using the link to the right and use ZPU manual mode to flash
  • Fixed Stop/Start memory function for 2021’s
  • Fixed Auto Power Folding mirrors so they operate when with quick ignition cycling  
  • Added ForceRWD mode in live menu and remap option
  • Added auto-ForceRWD when using Line Lock
  • Added Pulse 3rd Brake light function
  • Force Reverse Cam to come up when using TurnCam on SurroundView Rams
  • Created submenu within Live menu to isolate the settings from quick-access functions
  • Added Visual Tire Fill Alert
  • Changes to TPMS settings algorithm
  • Added more modules to “Clear CEL’s” function
  • Fixed Trailer Brake Controller enable
  • Changed first two Light Shows
  • Added quick enable/disable for light shows in motion
  • Removed requirement to have cruise ON when using Line Lock/Rock Crawl when not in Pulsar Mode

Firmware Downloads

Update 18.0.5
  • Available for Auto Download
  • Added Pulsar Compatibility back in, but now its selectable
  • Boots up in standard mode.  To invoke Pulsar Mode, press cruise cancel and traction control buttons at the same time.
  • Once in Pulsar Mode, button presses will be like 18.0.3 was; cruise control on, use left arrow/cruise cancel to advance through menu and left arrow/RES to select.
  • If in standard mode, cruise can be on or off, use left arrow/cruise cancel to advance through menu and left arrow/cruise on/off to select.
  • Fixed settings for programming power folding mirrors when adding the hardware.
Update 18.0.4
  • Not available for Auto Download, Manual Download Only
  • This version is NOT compatible with Pulsar!
  • Reverted button press scheme back to original (18.0.1 and all other tazer variants)
  • Added Unmarry Key and Serial Number menu items
  • Added Mirror menu for adding power folding mirrors and tow mirrors
  • Added Trailer Brake Controller activation
  • Added Winch Mode (not sure if works on all engines)
  • Added readout of DTC codes
  • Unmarry before Updating, Manual update only as this version has not been tested on multiple DT’s yet
Update 18.0.3
  • Available for Auto Download
  • Now compatible with Pulsar
  • Menu operation changed (see manual for changes)
  • Fixed accidental Light Show activation from keyfob
  • Improved BCM read/write methods
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
Update 18.0.1
  • initial release