Z Automotive offers a variety of parts sponsorship opportunities for:

Race Teams

Show Cars

Events / Shows

Charity Vehicles

By submitting the sponsorship application, you are not guaranteed to receive any parts or discount; nor are you in contract of any kind with Z Automotive. Should your application meet the qualification and requirements of Z Automotive s we will contact you with additional information on how to receive product or discounts. Please allow us up to 14 business days to respond to any submitted application before attempting to contact us.

Vehicle Information

Social Media

Z Automotive utilizes social media to promote it's products and sponsored drivers. I understand that I must tag @zautotech on at least four posts per month. Z Automotive is active on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Requirements by social media channel: Facebook—Tag @zautotech Instagram—Tag #Zautomotive and @Z_Automotive YouTube—Include Z Automotive in the video’s description, http://www.zautomotive.com Z Automotive stays up-to-date with its sponsored drivers through social media. Failure to tag Z Automotive will result in a negative sponsorship evaluation.


I understand that I must add Z Automotive as a sponsor on my website and blog via web banner/logo. The banner/logo must link back to Z Automotive's website. I understand that Z Automotive will provide me with a logo file to fulfill this requirement.


I understand that I am to submit images and press releases of every event, show, race, etc., that I attend. I will provide Z Automotive with a minimum of 5 images (high resolution). These will be used as proof of fulfilling my part of the agreement. I hereby grant permission to Z Automotive to use my photograph(s) on its website and any and all official Z Automotive printed/web publications, advertisements, media and promotions without further consideration. I acknowledge Z Automotive has the right to crop or treat the photograph at its discretion.


I acknowledge that I am not a Z Automotive employee or agent and that any action I may undertake in connection with this agreement or with racing, will be taken on my own behalf independently. This shall include, but not limited to, myself, my spouse, crew, or the public, as a result of and arising out of my use of Z Automotive products, or in any way arising out of the operations of any and all racing vehicles under Z Automotive sponsorship, personal appearances or as a result of the performance of this agreement. This paragraph shall survive the termination of this agreement and shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns. The initial terms of this agreement shall run for 1 year from the date it is fully executed by the parties, and thereafter shall be automatically extended for one-year terms, unless canceled by either party, in writing, at any time during the initial or successive terms. If I breach any terms of this agreement, in addition to any other remedy Z Automotive may have, Z Automotive may charge me and I will promptly pay to Z Automotive, the market price for any product(s) Z Automotive has supplied to me under this agreement. This agreement shall be in effect from the date of execution hereof and shall remain in effect as long as I drive or own a Z Automotive sponsored vehicle. This supersedes all prior agreements between parties.


The foregoing is in accordance with my understanding: