Beta Firmware

Firmware Downloads

Update 2.6.1 | 10.27.23

Available through ZPU Automatic Update only

Major changes to PIN Lock functionality. Read the updated PIN Lock supplement to get started.

  • PIN lock allows entry before starting the car (RUN or ACC)
  • PIN lock now has choices for including brakes, lights, horn, pedal kill, carjack
  • Many fixes from previous versions including:
    • remote start
    • PIN can be entered quickly
    • BrickByFob will also remember fob and brick if prox lock button is pressed to lock
    • Indication of pin request by flashing/clicking inside hazards
    • prevents new key from being programmed; automatically bricks pedal if key programming detected or factory alarm is tripped
    • DTC clear all function fixed 
    • windows from fob covers more vehicles
    • PIN bypass resets when car off and door opens 
Update 2.5.9 BETA | 04.18.23

Available through ZPU Automatic Update only. Select the gear icon on the Update screen and select “Show Older Firmwares.”

This is a BETA firmware meant to test new updates and features. Bugs are to be expected. If you encounter an issue, email in to [email protected]. We appreciate your input.

Major changes to PIN Lock functionality. Read the updated PIN Lock supplement to get started.

  • Added a fix for manual transmission cars (untested)
  • Fixes for Durangos, Grand Cherokees and 11-14 Chargers

Other bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added Kill3Honk option
  • Changed EVIC display algorithm for better control for all radios, including the 7”
  • Fixed Drive Mode memory
  • Fixed ESS last state memory
  • Fixed brake lights when using Brake Hold
  • Stopped most functions during PIN countdown and until unlocked
  • Changed dash indication when light show running for slight improvement in light show speed
  • Changed Algorithm for turning off or changing light shows to be much faster
  • Fixed an issue with AutoPark disable in some cases
  • Removed Steering Wheel Shifting (11-14 Charger) to make room for new features
  • Improvements to TracKill function
  • Changed how RemWindow works, should cover more vehicles.
  • Major improvement in CAN read/write robustness makes all functions more stable
Update 2.5.8 | 12.02.22
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • Minor tweaks to PIN function logic.
Update 2.5.7 | 11.21.22
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.5.6, plus:
  • Fixed issue if power cycles while using a 6 press PIN
  • Clear PIN then update
Update 2.5.6 | 11.14.22
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.5.3, plus:
  • Added PIN LOCK feature for vehicle security (currently 2015+)
  • Major improvements to Line Lock, Brake Hold functions
Update 2.5.3 | 02.16.22
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.5.1, plus:
  • Added DTC scanning and clearing for each module independently
  • Added OBD readiness test results (see if car is ready for emissions inspection)
  • Added Brake Hold feature (holds brakes for you at red lights, in traffic, etc)
  • Added adjustable idle speed for temporarily raising idle (not on all models)
  • Changed live menu structure into several submenus instead of one very long menu
  • Added Cooldown mode when running
  • Increased reliability of Line Lock
  • Added all-4-brakes-by-button Launch function
  • Major stability fixes and BCM read/write reliability enhancements
Update 2.5.1 | 01.22.21
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.5.0, plus:
  • Added 3rd brake light pulse ramp up/ramp down/random patterns
  • Fixed 3rd brake pulse to work on 11-14 Charger
  • Added Trailer Tow harness Enable for Grand Cherokee and Durango
  • Added ability for light show in motion enable without computer
Update 2.5.0 | 12.01.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.9, plus:
  • Added 3rd brake light pulse function
  • Fixed light show start/stop to be faster
  • Added fix for audio path when using AV cables on YAQ/UAS radios
Update 2.4.9 | 06.18.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.8, plus:
  • Fixed an issue where the Tazer would not unmarry on newer Grand Cherokees and Durangos
  • Fixed menu options for adding power folding mirrors on Grand Cherokee and Durango
Update 2.4.8 | 05.12.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.7, plus:
  • Upon upgrade, defaults all live functions to OFF, to eliminate these functions from causing confusion on first use.
  • Deleted “ClstrSwp” option for 2015+ vehicles as this option does not apply.
Update 2.4.7 | 04.29.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.6, plus:
  • Fixed issue where 2011-2013 would not unmarry
  • Fixed “Adapt Reset” message to show when function used
Update 2.4.6 | 04.21.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.5, plus:
  • Fixed initial start up of force Eng, Trans, Pwr modes after update
  • Added “ClstrSwp” option so those with cluster swap can get PRND indication on dash
  • Added windows up/down from remote on 11-14 Charger/300
Update 2.4.5 | 03.13.20
  • Available for Automatic Download
  • All features of 2.4.4 Beta, plus:
  • Force Engine, Transmission and Power modes independently
  • Ability to enter purchased unmarry key for used devices 
  • Native Windows down from keyfob; unlock-unlock hold
  • Added power folding mirror options for Grand Cherokees
  • Added auto-power fold for equipped GC and durango
  • Added more cluster swap support
Update 2.4.4 | 02.04.19
  • Available for Manual Download
  • Added DarkMode to live features to kill all exterior lights (when not in motion)
  • Added Windows up/down from keyfob (lock 6x = up, unlock 6x or unlock unlock hold = down)
  • Fixed Aux video switching for UAS/UAQ radio, now can control front camera too.
  • Changed Full Reboot to not include ABS system, so tire size changes on Durango and GC will now work.
  • Added Drive mode memory options for Trackhawk
  • Added ForceAWD to button remap options
  • Tire size adjustment now in inches tire height.
  • Fixed PeakRPM function.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.3
Update 2.4.3 | 03.08.18
  • Available for Auto Download
  • Added TravelLink Disable
  • Added New Submenu System
  • Added Cluster Swap
  • Added coverage for radio swaps 
  • Fixed InMotionNav and Aux Videos
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.1 or 2.4.2
Update 2.4.2 | 02.05.18


  • Added Cargo Camera input on UConnect
  • Added Boost Gauge
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
Update 2.4.1 | 11.30.17


  • One touch return to stock – Download Factory settings to your tazer, for one-touch return to stock configurations
  • Auto-Drive Mode (16+ SCAT/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle will be able to start in whichever Drive mode selection you would like (Sport/Custom/Track/Default
  • Auto- Drive mode (15+ SXT/RT): Vehicle will be able to start in Sport Mode
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable (15+ Durango/ Jeep GC) : Completely disable Auto Start/Stop
  • Modify Tire Size: Corrects speedometer for non-factory tire size
  • Modify Tire Pressure: Corrects TPMS for lower or higher tire pressure (FRONT/Rear)
  • IN-Motion (2017) – Enter address into your gps unit while the car is in motion
  • Easy Exit Seating (2015+ Challenger/Charger): upon vehicle shut off. Steering wheel and seat will go to further position for easy vehicle exit
  • Updated Button Mapping: COOL DOWN MODE Now added to button mapping feature / Drive Modes to work even with eco mode on*
  • Line lock update (16+ Scat/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle Will automatically go into custom drive mode once line lock is released
  • Added a “full reboot” option which does a sequence of module reboots for setting to take effect right away


  • Warnings Added – Vehicle Must be set to run position or “Key Not On” will appear on evic screen
  • Reboot on config menu exit – Auto reboot modules upon exiting config menu, this is to prevent from vehicle battery consumption


  • Improved Key Fob reliability
  • Improved Light Show transitions
  • Disabled unmodified customized shows


  • Durango/Ram – Turn Signals now active on instrument cluster
  • Line lock / Force RWD  update- Reliability of line lock/ Forced RWD  update
Update 2.3.2 | 10.05.17


  • Correction to TPMS on some cars you could disable it, but not re-enable it (usually specific to 2017 cars)
  • Drive Mode Settings: Scatpack/SRT/OFF added
  • Clear Check Engine Light Fixed
  • Module Reboot – This feature resets important modules in the vehicle
  • One step reset – Select firmware version and it’ll reset radio for current configurations to get loaded
Update 2.3.1 | 06.05.17
  • Added remapped custom/sport/track drive modes for 16/17 scat packs.
Update 2.3.0 | 06.02.17
  • Added cooldown mode for Hellcat – fan only, IC pump only, or both with fans low or high
Update 2.2.9 | 03.13.17
  • Added engine fan control for Hellcat
  • Changed TPMS to 3 versions; NONE, BASE, and PREMIUM, so either type of system can be disabled
  • Change Drive Mode setting so it’ isn’t combined with the ECO screen button; better for 2017’s
  • Changed ECO setting so it enables the function itself and the radio button; better for 2017’s
  • Added SWS (steering wheel shifting) back on for NAG1’s – accidentally removed this in 2.2.8
  • Added 0-30, 0-60 times for Jeep Grand Cherokees – the non- Srt’s can now have the timers in the dash like the Durango’s
  • Sped up the response time when scrolling through the Tazer setup menu
  • Fixed the light show from latching up if the custom light shows are uninitialized
  • Automatically disables the custom light shows if they’re not programmed to do anything
  • Corrected the remap function for those with ACC so they only remap when ACC is off (was Durango only in 2.2.7/8)
Update 2.2.8 | 12.14.16
  • Added the button remapping (same options as the aux buttons) for the SPORT button
  • Added ability to turn TPMS on and off in tazer setup menu
  • Added ability to change DRL type(US/Canada/none) and which lights to use
  • Added ability to turn engine fans on demand when ignition on, engine off (right arrow and cruise cancel)
  • Fixed light show selection so it loops correctly using whichever are enabled in ZPU
  • Added button press to exit the setup menu (left button + cruise right)
Update 2.2.7 | 11.02.16
  • Now 3 custom light shows, added support for ZPU 1.4.7 for configuration of the 3 shows, save/load from file, exclude shows, etc.
  • Added Launch as an option for the aux/ACC button remapping
  • Corrected some Durango light show stuff
  • ACC button remapping only live when ACC is off
Update 2.2.6 | 10.05.16
  •  Added a method to reset the system in case of a dash/shifter non-shut down after a config change (left/cruise on/off while on firmware screen)
  • Changed the custom light shows, made 2 and they’re more configurable
  • sped up the light shows
  • Added mappable buttons for the ACC buttons or “aux” button set. As of now, they’re always live. Will make them de-activate when ACC is on in a future release.
Update 2.2.5 | 08.16.16
  • Functionally the same as 2.2.4, but fixes an issue where changing settings in the settings menu too quickly can result in a configuration corruption.
Update 2.2.4 | 07.07.16
  • Fixed in-motion nav for pre-2015’s. Corrected an issue where screen would go black in reverse when in-motion nav was enabled.
  • Fixed Scat/SRT steering setting for Charger scat packs that are enabling SRT modes
  • Improved video support
  • Added Eco mode
  • Added EVIC splash screen selection
  • Added light show quick-enable
  • Added custom show ability (show 7)
  • Added light show starting show selection in ZPU
Update 2.2.2 | 11.09.15
  • Added In Motion Nav (live feature) for 2011-2016
  • Added Video select – backup cam, VES in, Aux in (requires video to be wired in) (RA3/4 only)
  • Video select from EVIC screen or by double-tapping MUTE
  • Added CD/DVD button to radio as an audio source to go with the video (RA3/4 only)
  • Added Seat belt ding disable/enable
  • Changed radio reset after config change; so settings take effect quicker
  • Added Scat Pack/SRT steering modes (so that Scat Pack owners can get SRT’s track steering)
Update 2.2.0 | 11.09.15
  • Added a 6th light show
  • Fixed an ESP on/off looping issue after using line lock on 2011-2014 Charger/300
  • Removed “FullDIM” option
  • Added “FogDrop” option, to allow fog lights to remain on when hi beams in use
Update 2.1.9 | 09.24.15
  • Added light show from keyfob
  • Added dash turn indicators to the light show, so that if you’re in the car you can tell if it’s on!!
  • Changed Line Lock implementation to release quicker when releasing button during burnout
  • Make Traction Control go to “sport” after using line lock
  • Add sport mode to 2015’s that don’t come with sport mode (press ESP off and Back at the same time)
  • Added DrvTrans option for 2015’s that don’t have transmission sport setting in the performance pages
  • Changed the EVIC menu so that 2015-only setting won’t show up in 2011-2014
  • Removed NavInMo from 2011-2013 as the car doesn’t support that function (either does 2015 at the moment)
  • Added a load of code for capturing vehicle config files – works only with ZPU 1.3.9
  • Fixed sleep function for proper shutdown
Update 2.1.8 | 09.17.15
  •  Added support for new ZPU 1.3.7 for detecting it’s a tazer or tranzformer
Update 2.1.7 | 08.27.15
  • Added 5 new light shows
  • Fixed light shows so they turn off properly
  • Fixed sleep function so it stays awake on USB for updates
  • Added Jeep and Durango support
  • Added new ZPU capabilities framework
Update 2.1.6 | 06.17.15
  • Mostly new features for 2015’s, but the light show will work on all 2011+
  • Added: DRL Dropout Disable
  • Add Drive Modes
  • Add Super Track Pak
  • Add Rear Camera Grid Lines
  • Add Factory Shift Light
  • New LightShow feature
Update 2.1.5 | 06.17.15
  • Combined support for 2011-14 and 2015 Charger/challenger.
  • Changed line lock to 2 buttons to activate.
  • Added force AWD to RWD or AWD.
  • Made line lock keep traction control at bay until car stops once a burnout starts.
  • Added FullDim mode (Interior lights can be turned off fully when you dial the dimmer knob all the way down).
  • Made the menus a little smarter, so they don’t show 0-30/0-60 in 2012+ since sport pages have that, and force AWD only shows for AWD cars.
Update 2.1.4 | 06.11.15
  • Added 2015 Challenger Line Lock. Has not been tested on 2011-2014, and brings nothing new to those. (line lock didn’t work on 2011-2014 in this version)
Update 2.1.3 | 05.24.15
  • Added: Enable Fog lights
  • Enable Backup Camera
  • Enable InMotion Nav
  • Enable sport mode for 8 speed
  • Enable Line Lock in Drive
Update 2.1.1 | 05.24.15
  • Added: Full ESP on/off
  • Added: Line Lock
  • SRT performance page unlock (2012-2014)
  • Sport Mode unlock (2012-2014)
  • Paddle shifter enable (2012-2014)
  • SRT EVIC pages unlock (2012-2014)
  • other improvements and bug fixes
Update 2.0.3 | 01.12.15
  • Fixed issue on some cars where ESP button twice wasn’t turning tranzformer shift kit function on/off