Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Tazer void my warranty?

No! The Tazer makes no permanent changes to your vehicle and does not violate your warranty. You should, however, return to stock by “Unmarrying” and removing the Tazer from your vehicle before dealer service to avoid complicating their job. Leaving the Tazer plugged can in some cases interfere with dealer tools and cause confusion if the dealer’s not familiar with the device.

Do I need to update my Tazer once it arrives?

Yes! You should update your new Tazer on arrival. We update frequently and there’s a good chance the Tazer was packaged and shelved before the latest firmware release.

Do I need to leave the Tazer plugged in?

No! All “Vehicle Settings,” changed in the engine-off Vehicle Settings menu, will remain when you remove the Tazer. “Live Features,” accessed with the engine running, require that the Tazer stays plugged in. See the manual for your device for the full list of which features are which.

Will the Tazer work with my tuner?

Yes! The Tazer works well alongside the majority of custom tunes. You should, however, Unmarry and remove the Tazer while making changes to your tune, then reinstall the Tazer once finished.

Do I need a computer to use the Tazer?

Yes! A computer running Windows or MacOS is required to update your Tazer. We do not recommend purchasing a Tazer if you do not have access to a computer running Windows or MacOS. Chromebooks are not supported.

Do I need to Unmarry the Tazer before a firmware update?

No! Although our techs may advise you to do so while troubleshooting certain issues, you do not need to Unmarry your Tazer before an update.

Can I use the light show while the car is in motion?

By default, no, but it can be enabled. Contact support to learn more about use of the Light Show in Motion.

Can a Tazer be used on multiple vehicles?

Generally, no. In order to use most of the Tazer’s features, you must “Marry” the Tazer to your vehicle. This will download your vehicle’s stock BCM configuration, allowing you to quickly return to stock with the “Unmarry” function. Once Unmarried, the Tazer can be used in another vehicle.

Does my 2018+ vehicle actually need a bypass?

Yes, always. Unlocked PCM? Doesn’t matter. There is no alternative.
The Tazer JL and Tazer DT have a bypass built in.

What if I forget to Unmarry the Tazer before selling my vehicle?
What if I buy a used Tazer and it’s still married to another vehicle?

You will need to purchase an Unmarry Key here:
To purchase the key, you will need to find your Tazer’s four-character Unmarry Number, which is located only in the dashboard menu as “UnmryNo” or in the “Unmarry” tab on the “Update screen of the ZPU software.

Can the Tazer’s Force RWD feature damage my transfer case?

No! The AWD system is designed to keep the front axle disconnected most of the time, only applying it on as needed from detected wheelspin, when the ambient temperature is below 40F, or when the windshield wipers are on. The Tazer’s ForceRWD function simply keeps the front axle from engaging.

Although, this feature is not suitable for dyno use. That is not considered normal use and could cause issues if used in such a way.

Will I need to buy a new Tazer in order to get new features?

No! New features for the Tazer are introduced as firmware updates which are available periodically, always free and posted to the firmware section of our site. Use the ZPU update software to install new firmware over USB.

I tried to update, but my computer doesn’t recognize the Tazer.

That can happen on occasion, but follow the steps at the following link and you should be set.

Will the Tazer remove the speed limiter on my vehicle?